Investor: Castelar Fund I + II; shareholders, Norway
Purchase price: kr 395 mio.
Bouilding: 27.692 divided in; Holmestrand, Moss Oppegård and Hamar.
Tenants: 41
Lease period: from 1-5 years
Annual rent: Kr 25 mio.

  • Business plan: renegotiate leases, increase lease length, lease vacant areas, increase longterm cashflow, establish porperty contact network in each city, replace technical facility manager to local janitory, sale of each building when it is 100% let.
  • Services done: analyze, dd., asset management, letting of vacant areas, reletting, development, contact and network building loccaly, sale of property/property companies.
  • Result: after 1 years vacancy has been reduced substansially, ny letting to solid retail tenants on 10 to 15 years leases, renewal of existing leases for 10 – 20 years, property operation cost and efficiency has been substansially better on behalf of landlord - 6 out of 8 properties has been fully let at long leases, and are ready for sale. Year 2015 the properties were sold direct from lender to 1 buyer, and the lender kept 1 property and PM continue as the asset manager for this property.

Olaf Helsetsvei 5, Oslo - Norway

Investor: Europe Capital Fund, London
Purchase price: kr 545 mio.
Building: 44,093 square meters. office, warehousing, education and sports
Tenants: 25
Weighted lease years: 6.5 years
Annual rent: kr 52 mio.

  • Business Plan: Renegotiate leases by increasing the rental period, rent out vacant premises, increase long-term cash flow, developing some of the land for housing, renew the property's technical facilities by entering into long-term operation and maintenance agreement with external manager of the property. Sale and refinancing of property/company to new owner.
  • Performed services: purchase, dd., syndication, asset management, renegotiation and development, sale and refinacing of loans in the property company.
  • Result: within 4 years unemployment has fallen from 10 to 2%, weighted rental period has increased from 4 - 6.5 years, and annual rent has increased from kr. 44 to 52 mio. Property company has in increased their equity by cash injection and then refinanced thier total debt, and at last solf to new woner Q4/2013.


Investor: Mikla Invest AS, Oslo
Purchase price: Not official
Building: 2 743 kvm. Office with showroom and storage
Tenants: 5
Lease period: ca. 1,5 years
Annual rent: Kr 1,3 mio.

  • Businessplan: renegotiate leases, increase lease length, letting of vacant areas and increased sqm rent up to 40%, increase longterm cashflow, ideas and see to that building is light refurbished inside and outside
  • Services done: dd., syndication of capital (loan/equity), asset management, letting, reletting and development
  • Result:in one year vacancy has been reduced from 40 to 0%, weighted average lease period has been increased from 1,5 to 6 year, and annual lease is increased from kr. 1,4 mio to kr. 2,5 mio

Bronsgatan 10, Aastorp - Helsingborg, Sweden

Investor: NIKI AS, Oslo
Purchase price: SEK 90 mio.
Build: 10 000 sqm. high warehouse with office
Tenants: 1
Weighted lease years: 20 years
Annual rent: Sec 6 mio.

  • Business plan: long-term, secure and liquid investment with a good dividend capacity
  • Performed services: purchase, dd., syndication and asset management
  • Result: the property will be owned long-term to ensure their children's finances

Hans Nielsen Haugesgate 50, Oslo - Norway

Investor: Primera Mangement v / 6 investors, Oslo
Purchase price: Kr 50 mio.
Construction: 5 000 sqm. warehouse and office
Tenants: 10
Weighted lease years: 3 years
Annual rent: Kr 4.5 million.

  • Business plan: plan and facilitate the development of the property in violation of the neighboring owner's development plans (residential), to sell the property to the neighbor at a high price
  • Performed services: purchase, dd., Syndication, asset management, renegotiation and sales
  • Result: 3.5 years after purchasing, the property was sold with 104% equity return

Trollåsveien 34-36, Oppegaard - Norway

Investor: Primera Mangement v / 8 investors, Oslo
Purchase price: kr 57 mio.
Build: 10 000 sqm. office and warehouse
Tenants: 10
Weighted lease years: 4 years
Annual rent: Kr 7.5 mio.

  • Business Plan: renegotiate leases by increasing lease period, lease vacant space and increase long-term cash flow
  • Performed services: purchase, dd., syndication, asset management, renegotiation and sales
  • Result: 1.75 years after purchasing, the property was sold at 56% equity return


Borgeskogen 63 og 65, Vestfold - Norway

Investor: Lunde Holding Invest AS, Kristiansand
Purchase price: Kr 146 mio.
Build: 14 000 sqm. high stock of office
Tenants: 2
Weighted lease years: 11 years
Annual rent: Kr 12 mio.

  • Business plan: extend the lease and sell the property to high price
  • Performed services: purchase, dd., syndication, asset management, renegotiation and sales
  • Result: 1 year after purchasing, the property was sold at approx. 100% equity return

Retail portfolio: 9 properties - Østlandet /Trøndelag/Nordland; Norway + Strømstad; Sweden

Investor: Norsk Handelseiendom, Norge; shareholders/ board of directors
Purchase price: Mnok 550
Building: 38.882 sqm. divided on 9 properties (1 in Sweden)
Tenants: 92
Lease period: ca. 4 years
Annual rent: Mnok 44,2

  • Business plan: Advice board of directors/ shareholders as the company sales advisor (structure, process etc) in sale of the comapny, or property portfolios, or signle properties direct to a buyer or thorugh local realestate agents.Work with asset management on value creating tasks/secure property values, letting and reletting – to secure increased lease period, reduce vacancy and increase rent even when tenants refurbishment (paid by landlord) is taken in to consideration.
  • Work: Analysis of property risk/possibilities, status, dd., asset management advice, letting, reletting, development, contact and network building localy, and sale of property.
  • Result: After 1 year vacancy is reduced, leases relet to better landlord terms than before, kosmetic upgrading of buildings.  From 1.1.15 potential buyers and dialog re. sales negotiation has been done, to good property market prices after real; buyers interest and property values has been qualifies during this process among local, regional, national and international property investors. Spring 2016; All 9 properties sold; 6 in a portfolio to international fund, 2 to 2 local buyers and 1 to 1 national Norwegian buyer. Fund will end in 2016 with payment to shareholders.

Vestparken Næring, Lørenskog – Norway; 15 shop snr. at Lørenskog Storsenter (shopping centre)

Investor: Mikla Invest AS, Oslo
Purchase price: Confidential
Building: 1 500 sqm. Shop, ground floor - street
Tenants: 14
Lease period: ca. 5 years
Annual rent: Mnok 2,7

  • Business plan: Renegotiate leases by increased lease period and rent, let out vacancy lease, increase running cash flow, refurbish lease area and common areas.
  • Work: Advice owner to purchase/analysis, dd., asset management, letting and renegotiation, debt financing and property development.
  • Result: After 1 year letting is reduced and annual lease is increased, and new signs/lightning has been put up on all shop facades. Spring 2016 the property is fully let.

Map - Reference Projects